Get out there this winter with Kathmandu’s new Heli R Jacket

Kathmandu, Australia and New Zealand’s number one outdoor brand, introduces a groundbreaking update to their Heli franchise – the Heli R.

Kathmandu’s Heli R spearheads a saturated insulation market. The Heli R is made almost entirely from recycled materials, is incredibly lightweight – at 220g, 25% lighter than the original – packable into its own pocket and is just as warm and strong as its predecessor, making it a wardrobe essential than can transcend the seasons.

Throughout the design process, Kathmandu’s team of designers and engineers prioritised people and planet, harmonious with the brand’s B Corp status. A key aspect of the Heli R’s warmth is the use of Traceable Down – meaning consumers can trace where their down came from – in line with the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) – an assurance that Kathmandu sourced its Down from the most ethical suppliers available.

Beyond the technical features, the Heli R comes in an all-new playful colour palette, derived from the landscape of New Zealand’s South Island. Kathmandu understands that colour positively impacts mood and can help consumers open their hearts and minds when in nature, so the jacket is available in eight colourways including mustard yellow, light quartz, undertow blue, beech green and lolly orange.

“There are so many things that set our new Heli R apart, from both its predecessor as well as other puffer jackets in the market! One of those being we employed were the use of recycled materials wherever we could. It used to be that you had to sacrifice performance when choosing a more sustainable route, but with the Heli R, we’ve made the product significantly lighter (25%!), much more packable, and just as warm as it’s always been, while using these recycled materials”, said Robert Fry, GM of Product.

Beyond the improvements made, Kathmandu’s Heli R is the first to embed Digital ID technology. Unique Digital IDs are sewn into every Heli R product, helping customers discover the unique sustainability story behind their jacket, including learning about its design and manufacturing process, the factory it was made in, the materials used to make their piece, repair information, and eventually, traceability and resell recommendations.

“As a certified B Corporation, we prioritise people and planet in all elements of business. Digital ID technology is an innovative step towards our circularity ambitions, helping shift customer mindset to think circular, by giving them the option to repair their product and access to recycle information for when their Heli R is no longer serving them but is still in excellent condition to serve someone else.” said Robert Fry, GM of Product.

The launch of the Heli R cements Kathmandu as the go-to destination for all outdoor gear, especially puffer jackets in winter. The full Heli R range is available in vests, hooded and non-hooded down jackets, longline down coats, and synthetic jackets.

For those who prefer an alternative to the lightweight jackets, Kathmandu’s iconic Epiq range has also expanded its colourway offerings this winter, providing even more options to choose from when it comes to outdoor adventure or morning walks.

Kathmandu’s Heli R jacket is available to shop online now at

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