Muc-Off and Backcountry Lifeline join forces to promote safer riding

Muc-Off, the bike care specialist brand, and Backcountry Lifeline have partnered up to provide mountain bikers with the knowledge on how to stay safe on the trail.

The Colorado-based initiative, which was founded in August 2015, equips riders and event organizers with the knowledge needed to prepare for potentially fatal emergencies that can be encountered while riding a mountain bike.

Bonnie McDonald, co-founder and chief happiness officer at BCLL, said: The Muc-Off team has been supportive, enthusiastic, and incredibly fun to work with from day one. There’s a great synergy between the companies: they are committed to providing products to keep your bike on the trails, while we are committed to providing first aid training to keep you on the trails. It’s a perfect partnership!”

Muc-Off will make its entire cleaning product range available to BCLL for use during its classes and demonstrations.

The company will also provide samples of its Nano Tech Bike Cleaner, Bio Drivetrain Cleaner and C3 Wet Lubricant for all BCLL participants.

Alex Trimnell, managing director of Muc-Off, said: “We’re incredibly excited to partner with the BCLL. It’s easy to forget when you’re out crushing a trail with your friends that the sport we love can sometimes end in tragedy.

“That’s why it’s so important to support companies like the BCLL and make the knowledge on how to deal with an emergency more accessible to riders. We’re proud to assist BCLL in its quest to empower riders to ride safely.”

BCLL was founded in 2015, following the fatal crash of the experienced mountain bike rider, Will Olson.

The company holds trainings and events throughout the year where it teaches riders, coaches and event organizers the crucial first aid, CPR and emergency planning skills needed for the trail.

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