Regeneration experts become partners of the reigning Ironman world champion

Reboots is the new sponsor of the world’s best triathlete, Anne Haug. After an eventful year 2020, Reboots thus gets a spitting image for stable performance in the team and supports her with innovative regeneration methods.

Anne Haug becomes Reboots brand ambassador

Anne Haug knows exactly how important it is to find the right balance of training and regeneration to get the best out of herself. The multiple athlete of the year has been able to achieve numerous victories and course records since 2007. As a brand ambassador for Reboots, she will educate the triathlon community about the importance of proper recovery for professional and amateur athletes in the future.

„We are overly excited to announce our partnership with Anne and are proud to provide our products to the best triathlete of our time. Reboots will help her take her recovery to the next level to achieve her athletic goals,” says Tom Keller, founder of Reboots. For this purpose, the company equips Anne Haug with almost the entire product portfolio: From Reboots Recovery Pants to Reboots Recovery Boots and Reboots Recovery Arm Cuffs. “The product simply convinced me,” says Anne Haug. “Since Reboots have numerous different functions, I can use them in a variety of ways. Better regeneration means better quality training. I hope to be able to prevent injuries, implement training stimuli more effectively, and complete higher-quality sessions.”

The Ironman winner’s recovery routine has been optimized in recent months with the help of reboots to prepare her in the best possible way for the season.
Reboots increases support in triathlon sport

Reboots already sponsors a variety of athletes from a wide range of sports: ranging from crossfit to martial arts and winter sports. With the two-year partnership with Anne Haug, Reboots is now emphasizing its activities in triathlon. The start-up sees particularly great potential here, as the all-around competition, consisting of the three individual disciplines of swimming, cycling and running, pushes the boundaries of endurance performance into completely new dimensions. Triathletes tend to strive for perfection more than other athletes. To constantly improve their performance, Reboots gives them a competitive advantage with the help of pressure wave massage.

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