Wilson launches the Accent Padel Racket Collection, specially designed to generate effortless power

Wilson has launched Accent, a new padel racket line for players seeking comfort and easy access to power.
Accent brings players experiencing any arm issues a perfect solution, as it adds comfort to the game, allowing them to continue playing without feeling any pain.

“We are thrilled to continue expanding our padel racket lines. Accent offers an unparalleled blend of power and comfort, offering social players a more forgiving padel experience to ensure that they can enjoy this sport even more.” said Iñaki Cabrera, Global Business Director Wilson Padel.

Even without a powerful swing, Accent players will feel the ball jump off the racket face. At the net, players will see a fast rebound of the ball on volleys. With a unique, “convex” construction to increase the hitting surface, recreational players will be able to fully enjoy their game thanks to a more forgiving sweet spot, as well as a hole pattern for softness and off-centre forgiveness.

The Wilson Accent collection presents two different models. Accent, which offers the perfect combination of power and comfort, and Accent LT, which is a great option for players who tend to suffer from joint pain as it’s lighter.

The Accent and Accent LT models are available on and in key retailers at a price of 195€ and 260€, respectively.

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