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Dunlop Power Heart Rate Monitor

Dunlop, the leading sports watch producer, has introduced its most advanced training watch yet – the Power Heart Rate Monitor (RRP £50).

The Power is the perfect partner for fitness enthusiasts and has been designed to allow athletes of multiple disciplines to train to their full potential. The One Key Heart Rate (OKHR) watch has a number of end-user-oriented features built in, including a wireless ECG-Accurate Transmitter Belt that simplifies use and increases comfort for the wearer.

Hidden inside the Power’s slick appearance is a useful advance calorie count feature, which enables the wearer to monitor personal targets to help with weight control and loss, as well as maximum heart rate. Monitoring heart rate prevents the user from pushing too hard, thus reducing the risk of injury.

The Power also encompasses a Memory Data File that records exercise details such as timings and distances, allowing the user to gain feedback from their own body and use it to make exercising and workouts more effective. The watch also features a user-friendly energy saving mode, which shuts it down when not in use.

Available exclusively from Chrono UK Limited, for more information call 0844 815 4840 or visit

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