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SKINS Announce All-New Compression Sportswear

The pioneers of sports compression wear, SKINS, are getting up-close and personal again, releasing the next evolution of sports compression garments in three new ranges: Series-5, Series-3 and Series-1.

SKINS CCO Simon Goodfellow said: “To put it simply, we are sports compression. Not in name only like some brands. We make athletes of all levels perform better by knowing what pressure to apply and where to apply it on your body to get your blood racing, limit the damage from muscle vibration and recover faster. It may sound trite, but we are excited about this new launch. It is a step up. We are 100% committed to providing the best products for sports and lifestyle activities. It is that simple.”

Benjamin Fitzmaurice, SKINS COO, added: “Each of the Series in the new range are clearly segmented. With the good, better, best story, Series 5 is the elite range with the highest levels of compression. We expect Series 3 to be the core of the three ranges with a medium compression profile, taking up the commercially successful A400 fabrics and patented structural technologies. Series 1 is also no slouch in terms of compression values but provides the team colours to match your needs on the field. We are a science lead brand and the new ranges have been successfully tested and we are ready to go.”

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