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Treksta Zerotie shoes: easy to use and simple to understand

For some, the self-tying shoes from Treksta will be invaluable; for others, simply a dream come true.

The Zerotie shoes (£119.99) have a foot activated lacing system that allows you to tie your shoes via a hands-free process that requires no bending and only uses the weight of your leg to tighten the laces.

You slip on your shoe, slide the heel for lace-up and release the lacing by simply stepping on the release buckle.

Treksta’s hands-free shoes are easy to use and simple to understand.

However beautifully designed a shoe is, having a comfortable fit is limited by the different shapes and curves of the wearer’s foot.

From the earliest days of shoe design until now, there has been little change in the way shoes have been made – until now.

Treksta nestfit technology has been developed by measuring the natural curves and contours of 20,000 individual feet.

This data was then used to create shoes that cradle feet naturally, giving you the protection you need, but with the unrestricted feeling of the barefoot experience.

For more information email or call 0116 234 4611/22.

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