Gel Doctor seeks UK and Ireland distributor

Gel Doctor, a leader in insole technology and owner of the Flosole and Heartinsole brands, is on the lookout for a distributor in the UK and Ireland to help the company replicate the success it is enjoying in the US.

Following a period of research and development, sales have climbed dramatically since its launch in America 18 months ago.

“This impressive pace of growth demonstrates that we have precisely the right product for the market,” says Simon Everingham, Gel Doctor’s founder.

“It is also down to the innovative marketing techniques we have employed of carefully targeting specialist sectors, and the sales strategy we have implemented.”

He added: “The US is a very competitive and aggressive trading environment, with established brands fighting it out for market share.

“I think we have been successful simply because we bring the latest technology at a price consumers are happy to pay and have a product that works for them.”

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