Honma Golf debuts BERES Nx family

Honma, the leader in stunning performance golf equipment, has announced the introduction of BERES Nx golf clubs.

BERES Nx features Honma’s holistic design that marries speed and game improvement performance through its traditional integration of head and shafts designed in tandem.


The BERES Nx driver – for men and ladies playing to a 6-to-30 handicap – generates speed and distance. It yields forgiveness and sports a draw bias design allowing golfers to swing comfortably and still achieve added power.

It generates high initial ball speed through a new clubface and crown structure. The “Nx Drive Technology” structure – consisting of a no-weld upper L-CUP face, solid carbon crown, hyper wide slot and keel weighting – enhances the initial velocity performance for impressive flight and distance. Its radial face surface expands the toe and heel repulsion areas to the edges of the face, while X Lib increases the rigidity of the face’s outer circumference for more resilience.

The first adjustable BERES driver, its shaft does not rotate, even when loft and lie angles are adjusted between -1 degree to +2 degrees of loft. The driver is available in base lofts of 9 and 10.5 degrees for men (plus a 10.5-degree left-handed model), and 11.5 degrees for ladies.

Fairway and Hybrids

The Nx fairway woods and hybrids are natural transitions from the Nx Driver. They sport a solid carbon crown, radial clubface, booster slot and sole weighting. They also incorporate a titanium clubface and stainless-steel sole. As a result, they generate plenty of initial ball speed with high trajectory, low spin and ample distance.


The Nx irons are designed to generate high ball flight and distance. A wide sole eases turf interaction and works in concert with a hollowed-out lower body that’s supplemented with tungsten weighting near the toe and a vibration-absorbing resin material behind it, plus an ultra-thin clubface – resulting in a high MOI, more impact repulsion, and a low-and-deep CG that together help generate high and straight trajectory.

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