RHEON LABS x adidas launch hi-tech sports bra

adidas have partnered with RHEON LABS to create a sports bra to empower women to experience sport without restraint

adidas has launched its TECHFIT CONTROL BRA engineered with RHEON LABS to introduce a new era of hi-tech breast support to women.

The sports bra features the RHEON reactive super polymer, which adapts to support the breast during high intensity movements. This provides women with the support they need, when they need it most, whilst also maximising their running performance.

The Science of Support

To research into the science behind poor breast support within sports, adidas & RHEON LABS collaborated with Joanna Wakefield-Scurr, Professor of Biomechanics and her team at the University of Portsmouth alongside their specialist breast biomechanics laboratory. The findings revealed that poor breast support causes the entire body to compensate for this movement, with research showing this can lead to reduced running performance. Additional findings show that:

  • Poor breast support for runners can lead to a reduction in stride length of up to 4cm, with wearers becoming more hesitant to stride out
  • Over a marathon distance, that’s a whole mile lost if you run wearing poor breast support

Two decades ago when Professor Joanna Wakefield-Scurr set up a pioneering research group in breast health at the University of Portsmouth, there were only 6 scientific studies on the biomechanics and support requirements of the breast, while there were 1000’s of studies on sports shoes

Olga Kravchenko, Head of Design at RHEON LABS said:  “In sport, everybody should feel inspired by what their bodies can achieve but women’s needs are historically underserved when it comes to sportswear designed to support the female form. Sports bras are a foundational piece of kit, but research into the category uncovered vast dissatisfaction from women who weren’t being properly supported.”

A recent 2023 study from the University of Memphis noted that 72 per cent of women experience breast pain when running, making this a significant barrier to many forms of sport. The research also shows that good breast support can improve the runner’s performance by 7%.

Kravchenko said: “This is where RHEON LABS comes in. The RHEON strips adapt to support the breast in high-intensity movements, to give women the support they need, when they need it most. Our mission was simple – we want to empower more women to experience sport without restraint.”

Advanced support technology 

The strips of highly strain rate sensitive RHEON polymer are strategically placed across the breast tissue. Like running on wet sand, it only hardens under intense movement, then returns to being soft and pliable. This provides all-around support during activity without being restrictive or overly compressive.

Strands are designed using proprietary ‘geometries’ by RHEON LABS. The shape, size and placement of each piece is ergonomically designed using computer modelling to offer the optimal support for key muscle groups during exercise.

Innovative features offer elite performance 

RHEON LABS®’ third collaboration with adidas paves the way for hi-tech support and minimise the energy caused by the breast in more vigorous forms of exercise. This allows women to focus on moving, jumping and running without the negative constrains of poor breast support, empowering women to be more fearless in their movement and optimise their performance.

Liz Yelling, British Double Olympian, said: “When you’re exercising or competing, you do not want to think or worry about anything else. Having comfortable, well-fitting sports clothing is essential to your best performance and it is exciting to see that RHEON LABS® have invested so much into tackling the real problems women face with ill-fitting bras and the barriers to exercise that this creates.”

adidas and RHEON LABS first joined forces to design and unveil apparel with reactive support by launching TechFit Control collection in March 2023. In September 2023, adidas launched its second apparel collection featuring RHEON technology from RHEON LABS -the Adizero Control running collection.

RHEON will be used on the adidas athletics kits for team GB, France & Ethiopia at the Paris 2024 Olympics. (detail: RHEON will be prominent on the athletics sprint suits on the legs, backs & busts of these federations athletes).

Where to find the TECHFIT CONTROL BRA

The Techfit Control x RHEON Sports Bra will be available online at, priced at £65 and available in sizes 32A,B to 48E,G. Check for the latest stockist and pricing information.

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