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Floodlit Dreams and Women in Football are delighted to reveal the title……

Floodlit Dreams and Women in Football are delighted to reveal the title and cover for the forthcoming anthology of women’s football writing on which they are collaborating. The book will be called Football, She Wrote and will be published in paperback on Wednesday 22 September, priced at £14.99.

The book features 20 pieces, 10 by experienced, commissioned writers and 10 by new writers who were chosen from a strong entry list after submitting their pieces to a competition.

The foreword to the book has been written by Gabby Logan MBE and the front cover bears an endorsement by Alex Scott MBE, describing the book as: “A brilliantly entertaining collection showcasing a wealth of women’s voices.”

The back cover blurb for the book reads:

From the doyenne of football writing Julie Welch’s brilliantly illuminating story of the first women’s international match after a 50-year ban to the madcap tale of two black radio rookies in China… From the trials of covering the soap opera that is Newcastle United to the glamour of establishing Real Madrid TV… From the making of the magnificent Emma Hayes to the equally amazing Mums United FC…

Football, She Wrote is a first: a unique collection of 20 women’s voices on the game they love. Penned by a hugely talented mix of experienced and new writers, and embracing memoirs, profiles, interviews and talking points taking in sexuality, diversity and inclusion, it is an anthology to make you think and feel, laugh and cry.

“I am so proud of this book,” said Floodlit Dreams founder Ian Ridley, who also curated the book, which has been edited by Charlotte Atyeo. “We launched the Vikki Orvice book prize back in 2019 in honour of my late wife, who was a founder and board member of WIF, and there were so many great ideas well beyond the marvellous winner, Susie Petruccelli’s Raised A Warrior, which we published last year. It got me thinking that we should do something more.

“The result is this collection and it is full of remarkable material that shows the depth of talent among women wanting to write about football. They just need platforms, particularly when it comes to books.

“It’s another really strong cover by designer Steve Leard, who did Raised A Warrior. It’s bold and modern and makes a strong statement, I believe. The colours will certainly be recognisable as significant, being a nod to that defining era when women fought so hard to get their voices heard.”

WIF chair Ebru Köksal added: “We are delighted to be continuing our partnership with Floodlit Dreams thanks to the ongoing support of the wonderful Ian Ridley. With Ian’s help, through this anthology of eloquent and engaging women’s football writing, we have the opportunity to celebrate some of the amazing and inspirational talent within our Women in Football membership.”

The full list of contributors is (in alphabetical order): Kehinde Adeogun, Isabelle Barker, Kate Battersby, Alison Bender, Jade Craddock, Hayley Davinson, Molly Hudson, Tracy Light, Renuka Odedra, Fadumo Olow, Katie Mishner, Christina Philippou, Jane Purdon, Ali Rampling, Louise Taylor, Julie Welch, Julia West, Cassie Whittell, Katie Whyatt and Suzanne Wrack.

The book can be pre-ordered here.

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