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Bio-Synergy announces new ambassador for its Super7 nutrition line

Mark Wright, the TV personality and radio presenter (pictured), is to be the face of the range, which includes:

• Super Max. A seven protein blend to power your workout and pack on lean muscle.
• Super Charge. Energises your workout with a revolutionary blend containing creatine, AAKG, B vitamins and quality carbs.
• Super Gain. A post-workout formula containing a blend of seven key ingredients to refuel your muscles.
• Super Fuel. Feel the power of quality carbs and B vitamins fuelling your body and set a new one rep max.
• Super Burn fat burner. A blend of seven key research backed ingredients, including chromium, GTE and caffeine to give your metabolism a rapid boost.
• Super Lean fat reduction. Boosts metabolism and allows you to fight off cravings.
• Super Armour vitamins. Treat your body to a daily vitamin supplement.

For further information email, call 020 7569 2528 or visit

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