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d3 Double Gel Mouthguards

You only get one set of adult teeth and with the price of dentists too, oral protection is a ‘no-brainer!’ Evidence is also very clear that mouthguards strongly protect from impact forces in contact situations with others, or the ground, that lead to concussion or brain injuries.

d3’s entire range are tested and proven high quality products that are simply essential for contact sports like Rugby (Both Codes), Hockey, Lacrosse, MMA, Boxing, Karate, Judo, American football, equestrian(show jumping and horse racing), even Netball and Basketball. for those of you that are not sporty, they can even help with those that snore giving your partner a better night`s sleep!!!

The d3 double gel mouthguards come 15 colour options plus an assorted option in both Youths (5-11 years) & Adults (12+) – They come packed in Inners of 6
Colour range – White/Black, Black/White, Royal/White, Red/White, Bright Green/White, Bright Orange/White, Pink/Purple, Black/Green, Black/Blue, Black/Red, Navy/Red, Sky/White, Pale Pink/White, Coral/White & Mint Green/White
Assorted box contains White/Black, Royal/White, Red/White, Bright Green/White, Bright Orange/White, Pink/Purple

They are Simple to fit, with instructions contained in the Hygienic storage box (which you will find in this box)

Don’t take the risk of not using a mouthguard!!!! &
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