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Speedo, the world’s leading swimwear brand, has launched its new range of racing goggles, the Hyper Elite. Designed to help athletes of all abilities level up their swim, the Hyper Elite features the latest hydrodynamic and performance-enhancing technologies to give swimmers a competitive edge in every race.

The Hyper Elite is the latest evolution of the brand’s revolutionary Fastskin Elite goggle, resulting in enhanced performance and comfort whilst maintaining all the hallmarks of the goggle that changed the game when launched in 2011.

Developed in collaboration with the world’s top athletes, the Hyper Elite features a new hydroscopic lens shape to allow for maximum peripheral vision in the water, meaning swimmers can keep a close eye on their rivals with minimal head movement. The goggles also come with a new enhanced hydrodynamic nose bridge that offers improved speed, comfort and durability.

Additionally, HyperElite also features Speedo’s patented IQfit™ one-piece racing strap, giving the swimmer a personalised and leak-resistant fit – providing them with confidence in the pool, at the turn and off the blocks.

Speedo’s HyperElite is available in six new colourways with varying degrees of visual brightness due to the goggles’ new dual shot construction. Swimmers now have more options than ever to choose the perfect goggle to suit their style.

As part of the development process, Speedo prioritised working with swimmers of all levels to create goggles that work for everyone who wants to race. Some of the world’s top athletes were consulted as part of the design and testing process, whilst club swimmers from across the world, including USA, UK and Australia, were also invited to test the goggles, resulting in a high-performance goggle for all abilities.

World and European champion Duncan Scott said: “The Hyper Elite goggle is without doubt the best goggle I have ever worn. I was lucky enough to be able to test it out at the ISL recently and was really impressed by it. The range of vision is improved and they are really comfortable to put on and adjust so I know that when I’m lining up on the blocks, I can be fully confident in the goggle I’m wearing.

“In fact, they were so good that Tom Dean tried to keep his pair instead of sending them back to Speedo after the trial!”

Olympic gold medal winner Pernille Blume said: “I am really excited for the launch of the Hyper Elite goggle and to see how Speedo have made what was previously the best ever goggle even better. Speedo’s goggles are always the best for comfort and vision and I love that there are a variety of colours available too.”

The Hyper Elite goggles were also put through an extensive Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis to optimise their performance with every swim. The CFD analysis rigorously tested the fluid mechanics of the goggles, allowing Speedo to fine-tune their design to achieve those all-important marginal gains when in the water.

Chris Johnson, Head of Design at Speedo International said: “At Speedo we aim to always be at the forefront of innovation in swimming to give our athletes the best support we can in chasing their goals. We’ve taken one of the best and most popular goggles around and given it an upgrade and hope swimmers take the opportunity to take their swim the next level with us.

“When developing a new product, Speedo believes it is vital to offer the same performance and benefits to everyone, whether they are an Olympic athlete or burgeoning club swimmer. It’s been a privilege to have swimmers of all levels involved in the development of the Hyper Elite, which has allowed us to make our game changing goggles, even better.

“2021 is set to be an amazing year for our athletes and the whole swimming community, and hopefully the Hyper Elite can play a big part of their success this year.”

The new Speedo Hyper Elite goggles are FINA-approved and will be available to purchase from 3rd March from

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