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Supporting women in sport

The Thuasne bras feature an innovative Top Strap concept – a reinforced compression band that limits upward bounce and controls outward movement, leaving the bust comfortably supported without feeling restricted.

Whatever the size or shape of a women’s bust, when exercising it needs full
support. High impact activities such as running and aerobics can result in the bust being subjected to up to eight times the force of gravity, so a good sports bra is vital to prevent the bust overstretching and causing irreversible damage to the supporting skin.

1000 Mile Sportswear is the UK distributor of the bras, which are available in a variety of colourways. The Force 3 bra is suitable for higher impact activities (SRP £29.99), while the Force 2 has an SRP of £26.99. Both come in sizes 30B-38D.

Matching sports pants are also available (SRP £14.99) in S-XL.

Sales enquiries to 01923 242233 or email

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