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Sweatz Training Vest

A revolutionary weight-loss product is now available to retailers and health clubs for the first time.

The Sweatz Training Vest is a patented, 100 per cent toxin-free, biodegradable vest that is worn beneath training clothing to help generate weight loss. The vest works by causing the body to sweat more, which uses up more calories. The water lost is replaced by drinking, however the calories used to create the sweat stay off. In addition, sweating helps the body detoxify, eliminating chemicals stored in fat cells and making weight loss easier.

Two years of research and development have led to the production of the vest after its designer, former top 10 UK sprinter Chris Hamilton, looked for a weight maintaining training product that would not deliver toxins to the
skin or damage the environment. Effective for a range of sporting activities and costing less than £10 for a pack of eight, the vest is thrown away after use and is manufactured from safe, toxin-free, 100 percent biodegradable polythene.

To date the vest has only been available on the company website ( and with an average of over 20,000 sales per month and an endorsement from British karate champion Amy Thomason, the popularity of the Sweatz Training Vest looks set to keep growing.

For sales enquiries call SweatzSportz on 01302 733 640.

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