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We started goodr because we think running is fun and your gear should be too.

At our core we’re all about creating fun, fashionable, and functional sunglasses, that everyone can afford.

We’re runners and saw a problem that needed to be solved. When we looked at the running sunglasses category, we found it was full of overpriced, ugly product. Our goal was to create the best pair of running sunglasses for under $40 and we did it!

Every product we create must speak to our 4 F’s: Fun | Fashionable | Functional | Ffordable. We launched with six colours known as THE ORIGINALS. We’ve since expanded our collection to include 18 inline colours and two new styles we call our BFGs (Big F8cking goodrs) and Runway goodrs.

In June 2019 goodr launched their range of performance sunglasses for cycling. Introducing BIKE goodr. This new line of performance sunglasses is for cyclists who think riding is fun and want to look good(r) while doing it. Whether bib short bobbin’ down the bike path or bombin’ down mountains, biking is fun, so give Morpheus and Trinity their sunglasses back and join the party!

SUPER FLY goodrs, six pairs of hip 70s-inspired sunglasses have all of the performance AND all of the groovy. Dig?

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