Buying habits of UK female cyclists revealed in Strava study

Specialized is the most ridden bike brand among female cyclists, while dhb and Castelli are the most popular apparel brands, according to the report by the social network for athletes.

Based on analysis of over 5,000 active female cyclists in the UK, it’s believed to be the biggest of its kind.

Respondents were segmented into four groups: new starters (less than one year); recent (one-five years); established (six-10 years); and long-term (10-plus years).

Around two thirds got into cycling in the past five years.

Survey respondents were asked to rank a number of influences from one to seven, with one being the biggest influence.

The aesthetics and price of cycling apparel/equipment scored one to three for around 66 per cent of female cyclists.

31 per cent stated they buy their gear from specialist online retailers and 23 per cent buy from an independent bike shop.

On average, female cyclists spent £1,050 in 2015 on cycling – including apparel, equipment, events and other related expenditure.

The majority of female cyclists on Strava own two bikes.

16.2 per cent ride a Specialized bike most often, 12.1 per cent ride a Giant and 11.7 per cent ride a Trek.

On average, they purchase a new bike every 4.1 years.

60 per cent of female cyclists ride a women’s specific bike.

When buying cycling apparel, female cyclists considered performance first (92 per cent), followed by style (89 per cent) and price (88 per cent).

dhb came out top as the most popular brand among women (12.4 per cent), followed by Castelli (12.2 per cent) and Altura (10.2 per cent).

Among new cyclists, Castelli is the most popular brand.

The Strava Women’s Cycling Report is available free of charge to the UK cycling and sports industries.

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