Compex develops Ayre Compression Boots

Compex, known predominantly for its muscle stimulator technology, continues to focus on broadening its product collection for athletes who experience muscle pain with the introduction of the Compex Ayre Compression Boot.

Designed for physical therapists, coaches, elite and recreational athletes, the Compex Ayre Compression Boot is used for rapid recovery of aching muscles, muscle swelling and vein issues. When exercising, the body builds up lactic acid as a biproduct of muscle contraction. The intermittent pneumatic compression by the Ayre Compression Boot, breaks up the small molecules that make up the lactic acid and sends stimulous to the nervous system.

“Sometimes after a long run or training session, our muscles become really sore – so sore that we wonder if we can workout again the next day,” said Mike Mechling, US sr. sales and marketing manager. “The Ayre Compression Boot can help with that – and is easy to use. It’s conveniently wireless so all you have to do is charge it, power it up and recover for up to 60 minutes on a single charge. And then you’ll be ready to perform at full capacity the next day.”

Designed to help improve blood flow and circulation in the legs by mobilizing lactic acid, excess fluids, and other toxins, the Compex Ayre Compress Boots use a dynamic pulsing compression that starts with the feet and moves all the way up to the thighs for the duration of its use, which helps promote quick healing.

Available for $469.00 at, the Ayre Compression Boots come in two sizes:

S/M – Inseam = 32″ (81cm) or under | Height = 6′ (183cm) or under

L/XL – Inseam = over 32″ (82cm) | Height = over 6′ (184cm)

Compex develops Ayre Compression Boots

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