Earth Day 2021: Rab and Lowe Alpine launch “#RabLitterLift” social media initiative

Earth Day 2021: Rab and Lowe Alpine launch “#RabLitterLift” social media initiative
Equip brands ask their community to join them on a global litter pick initiative ahead of launching their first Rab DNA Sustainability Report

British outdoor brands Rab & Lowe Alpine will launch a litter pick initiative on Earth Day, 2021. The global challenge is an inclusive litter pick event that aims to raise awareness of the need to take immediate action to fight environmental pollution and climate change.

The initiative is run ahead of Equip launching its first Rab DNA Sustainability Report in May 2021. In November 2020, Equip was certified as a Climate Neutral Company by climate solutions provider South Pole. This means all Equip’s current carbon emissions are offset by financing carbon reduction and removal projects around the globe. By 2030, Equip will have eliminated all avoidable carbon emissions from their business processes, and achieved Net Zero. At this stage, any remaining unavoidable emissions will be offset through removal projects.

The litter pick aims at cleaning up our outdoor spaces and could take place at a local crag, field, park or street, depending on current local Covid-19 restrictions. Participants are asked to record a video of their litter pick or alternatively of them doing a bicep-curl with their litter bag. The video is to be posted as an Instagram story, using the hashtag #RabLitterLift. The goal is to collect as much litter as possible as a global community. The initiative will be run on from April 23 to May 2.

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