HI-TEC supports the 11th Keswick Film Festival

Hi-Tec has announced a new partnership with the Keswick Film Festival, which takes place on February 25-28.

Branded the ‘friendly film festival’, this event is celebrating its 11th year with over 30 films being shown over the three days. UK premieres include Beneath Everest; Nepal Reborn, a Nepali film charting their road to becoming a republic; Narcisco, a prize-winning film from Italy; and Africa Trek, a film about an inspirational journey across Africa from the Cape of Good Hope to Israel.

The Africa Trek movie features Hi-Tec global ambassadors Alexandre and Sonia Poussin (pictured), who embarked on their adventurous walk the length of Africa entirely on foot from the Cape of Good Hope to the Sea of Galilee, completely alone. Matching their every stride on their epic adventure were two pairs of trusty Hi-Tec boots.

During the three-year trek along the Great Rift Valley of East Africa, their goal was to symbolically retrace the passage of early man, from Australopithecus to Modern Man.

Without sponsors or a support team, and sharing the poverty of their hosts, they spoke of the generosity and enthusiasm of these men and women who populate the African continent.

Day after day, Alexandre and Sonia became a bit more African themselves. In their books, Africa Trek I, II and III, they recount the first seven thousand kilometres up to Mount Kilimanjaro and beyond to the Sea of Galilee.

On February 26 at The Alhambra, St John’s St, Keswick, Alexandre will be joining festival guests to talk in-depth about his African experience, which has already spawned three books and a 12-episode TV series.

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