Honey Stinger relaunch in the UK

Honey Stinger have relaunched in the UK market after a year and a half hiatus, with the reintroduction of tasty chews, bars and gels, packed with energy.

Honey Stinger, with long-term UK partner 2pure, have relaunched in the UK this summer with a revised range of high-quality, tasty, honey-based energy and nutrition products for the sport and outdoor markets.

Evolving through time, Honey Stinger has since 2002 been focused on using the best ingredients, to make the best tasting energy foods made with the best ingredients. Available in the UK will be the Energy Bars, Energy gels and Energy Chews. Based on feedback from users we know the Honey Stinger brand has found favour with users from runners, walkers, cyclists, ultra runners, expeditions as well as day trippers who just want a tasty top up wherever their adventures take them.

2pure Brand Manager, Simon Lock, said this about Honey Stinger: “We are delighted to work with Honey Stinger, a market leading brand with a reputation for making some of the best tasting energy foods around and we look forward to bringing this back to our customers across the UK.”

Energy Chews: Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews are unique, as they are the first to include naturally occurring fibre and protein derived from 100 per cent organic tapioca syrup and honey. Not only
are Honey Stinger chews smaller and softer than others on the market, Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews are great because they don’t stick to your teeth and taste amazing, making them the perfect snack or energy fuel!
Flavours: Pomegranate Passionfruit, Grapefruit, Pink Lemonade
Energy Bars: Newly reformulated to create a better texture and taste, Honey Stinger energy bars truly stand out from the rest. Their energy bars are made with over 30 per cent honey, 5g Non-GMO Soy Protein, 23 vitamins and minerals, whole grains, calcium, antioxidants, natural flavours and all the benefits of the Honey Stinger energy gel. These delicious bars are great for a healthy snack alternative and before or during a workout.
Flavours: Rocket Chocolate, Peanut Butter ‘n Honey
Energy Gels: With a blend of organic tapioca syrup, organic honey and electrolytes, Honey Stinger Organic Gels offer new and unique flavour varieties.
Flavours: Acai and Pomegranate, Fruit Smoothie, Mango Orange .

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