Kukri refreshes brand with new corporate colour, company values and strapline

The new look gets its first airing in the UK and will be rolled out in Europe, Asia and Australasia later this year.

Charcoal grey is the new corporate colour and the updated strapline is Together Stronger.

Kukri has also introduced four new company values – quality, passionate, professional and diverse – and a vision to provide the best bespoke sportswear to athletes and teams.

Marketing manager Dan Warburton says: “We have worked hard to ensure our new branding is well connected with our customers, our staff and our heritage.

“This is summarised perfectly in our new company slogan – Together Stronger.

“We are passionate about sport and needed to reflect this in our imagery and tone of voice, so that every person associated with a team or athlete can relate to us.

“Adopting charcoal grey throughout gives us a premium and professional feel, which mirrors the quality of the product we provide.

“We believe that this brand refresh will evolve our brand and drive the company forward.”

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