Nike and Hyperice unveil tech-enabled boots and vest

Nike and Hyperice have teamed up to create wearable technology designed to help athletes perform at their best throughout training and competition

Nike and Hyperice are joining forces to take warm-up and recovery to the next level.

The two brands, known for their innovation in service of athletes, have created the Nike x Hyperice boots and vest — wearable technology designed to help athletes perform at their best throughout training and competition.

“Recovery is an important part of any athlete’s journey, but we’re hearing from athletes that this concept of ‘pre-covery’ is equally as important,” says Tobie Hatfield, Senior Director, Nike Athlete Innovation. “The footwear and vest that we’ve developed with Hyperice help get the body ready for activity, whether you’re playing for a title or you’re on your feet a lot at work.”

The Nike x Hyperice boot is a wearable and mobile high-top shoe that offers heat and dynamic air-compression massage on demand for athletes’ feet and ankles.

The shoe contains a system of dual-air Normatec bladders bonded to warming elements that evenly distribute heat throughout the entire upper. This combination is designed to drive heat deep into the muscle and tissue in the foot and ankle, helping athletes move, perform and recover naturally much faster. To that end, athlete testers report that their feet and ankles feel freer and lighter — as if they’ve already completed their warm-up before actually starting their usual routine.

Athletes can synchronize the heat and compression of both shoes with the press of a button, or choose to run the left and right shoes individually, selecting from three distinct levels of compression and heat powered by a battery pack in each shoe’s insole.

“I’ve been using the Nike x Hyperice boots as a key part of my recovery before and after training sessions and races this spring,” says Nike athlete Sha’Carri Richardson. “Because of the lightweight design, I’m able to incorporate my boots into my daily routine without restrictions. Plus, the combination of compression and heat together in one device helps expedite that recovery.”

The Nike x Hyperice vest allows athletes to target one variable of performance they historically couldn’t control: the environment. Leveraging similar technology utilized in the Hyperice X line of contrast devices, the vest uses thermoelectric coolers that deliver instant heating and cooling without the need for ice or liquid, helping athletes dial their body temperatures to their exact specifications during warm-ups and cool-downs.

The vest contains thermal modules whose sensors autonomously monitor and maintain body temperature. Meanwhile, an air bladder and pressure sensor within the vest adjusts to the body by pressing those thermal modules inward, enhancing comfort while also maximizing the effectiveness of the heating and cooling technology.

“Taking care of my body has always been an important part of my preparation as a basketball player. That commitment is what has allowed me to maintain a high level of play for more than 21 years now,” says Nike signature athlete LeBron James. “From the moment I tried the Nike x Hyperice boots and vest while they were still in development more than a year ago, I knew they were going to change the game for athletes’ warm-up and recovery.”

Athletes’ voices are critical to the continued development of both the boots and vest, and Nike and Hyperice are focused on gathering feedback from athletes as they integrate the products into their training and recovery routines. The brands will release the Nike x Hyperice innovations at a later date, continuing to collectively push the boundaries of what’s possible for today’s athletes.

“Since the inception of Hyperice, we have taken a lot of inspiration from Nike, from the care and innovation we put into our products to how we connect with the athlete,” says Anthony Katz, Founder and President of Hyperice. “This collaboration is the culmination of years of work between our two brands to deliver innovative footwear and apparel for the athlete with the goal of enhancing their performance and recovery. And this is just the start.”


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