Puma full-year sales fall by three per cent

Income for 2013 stood at around £2.5 billion (€3 billion).

Fourth quarter sales fell 4.7 per cent to £574 million (€698 million).

Puma continued to streamline its business via its transformation and cost reduction programme in 2013, which saw the closure of six European warehouses and 73 stores and its exit from rugby in the northern hemisphere.

In addition, the brand is attempting to halt declining sales with the launch of its biggest media campaign in 10 years this autumn.

“2013 has been a challenging year for Puma and there is no doubt we have issues in terms of lack of brand heat, commercial products and desirable distribution,” Bjoern Gulden, Puma’s CEO, says.

“Nonetheless, Puma is a great brand and with our new brand positioning we have a clear vision of where we want to go.

“Together with our great assets and new creative agency, we will launch our new campaign to consumers in Q3 2014, which is fuelled by Puma’s biggest media investment in the last decade.

“This is not a quick fix. 2014 marks the start of the turnaround.”

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