Separatec introduces new summer offering featuring dual pouch and quick-dry performance

Separatec, a tech-driven men’s underwear expert, has introduced its summer collection of sports underwear that features superior quick-dry fabrics, as well as its proprietary Dual Pouch technology that offers great separation and support.

Built for all-day comfort and enabling the wearer to feel constantly fresh while being active, the product is integrated with a new design that allows for enhanced breathability and stretchability, combined with a selection of new colourways and prints that meet the diverse needs of customers.

“Separatec has raised the bar for underwear innovation by developing the patented Dual Pouch tech that gives men’s underwear extra space with cooling benefits that keep men’s private area dry and hygienic around-the-clock. But our efforts don’t stop here, and for this summer, we introduce to our customers the latest offering that features soft and highly stretchable, moisture-wicking material, coupled with our signature technology that allows the wearer to power through high-energy athletic activities with ultimate comfort,” said Jimmy Xu, Design Director of Separatec.

Constructed with stretchy polyamide and spandex, the collection is designed to prioritize quality and comfort, delivering unparalleled sweat-wicking and fast-drying performance, making it an ideal choice for long days of physical exertion, whether it is at work or play. With its feather-lightness and durability, the super soft material prevents chafing and discomfort, with outstanding temperature-regulating and humidity-absorbing functionality that ensures the intermate part can enjoy the day-and-night freshness.

A game-changing feature engineered to perfectly fit men’s anatomy, the unique dual-pouch design provides maximum freedom of movement and adequate ventilation for the body’s most sensitive area. The roomy space offered by the two-pouch structure keeps everything in place and allows for a cool and refreshing environment, delivering great separation that effectively reduces skin-on-skin heat build-up and eliminates friction and chafing during workouts and physical activities. Designed with fashion in mind, the collection also comes in a wide variety of stylish patterns with contrasting colours that add spice to your sunny season.

Since its inception in 2015, Separatec is driven by its vision of creating some of the best underwear with ergonomic features that reshape the role and function of men’s basic layers. The first product that comes with the Dual Pouch™ design was a huge commercial success and quickly became a favourite of customers around the globe. The brand builds on its previous milestones to craft a series of premium products integrated with luxurious fabrics and innovative technologies that match the ever-evolving lifestyle of its users.

With the anti-bromic tech that enables silver ions to stick to the surface of the fabric surfaces and improve the antibacterial ability of the wear, Separatec’s summer collection also creates an effective layer of protection while keeping the wear clean and dry throughout the day.

“We are committed to improving men’s health and well-being with our products, and we believe the only way to achieve this goal is through first-class craftsmanship and a rigorous choice of material. So we often go the extra mile for the improvement of our product development, from fabric selecting, to designing and manufacturing, before they are delivered to the hands of our customers,” said Victor Yan, CEO of Separatec.

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