Sports specific period-wear brand Iceni partner with professional netball team London Pulse

Sports specific period-wear brand Iceni have announced the renewal of their longstanding partnership with professional netball team London Pulse.

The period-wear is reusable, as well as economically and environmentally sustainable. Most importantly, it removes any fear or potential disruption for female athletes on their period and allows them to play their normal game. Free of distraction. Full of confidence.

London Pulse are passionate about attracting, inspiring, and nurturing young netballers across London, and a product such as Iceni that removes barriers for girls in sport. Together they are the perfect match.

Iceni will be supplying the team with sport-focused, British made period wear that doesn’t require additional sanitary wear.

Not just athletes will be benefiting from the partnership. Anyone who is a London Pulse member will also now have access to all Iceni period-wear at a generously discounted price.

London Pulse CEO and Director of Netball, Sam Bird said: “We are more than delighted to renew our partnership with Iceni. We are all about encouraging as many people as possible into netball and sport in general, and this is a product that can help break down barriers and give girls and women more confidence on the court.”

Iceni were created by friends Francesca Hansen and Vanessa Smith, two mums of sporty daughters. Vanessa was also an international athlete, playing netball for England. On many occasions they’d heard their daughters say one of their friends wasn’t training because they were on their period, and that they were dreading their own.

They thought the hassle of using traditional tampons and pads was not something young girls should have to put up with, especially when playing sport, and were also concerned about the risks of toxic shock and infections linked to some sanitary products.

Consequently, Iceni was born – A New Generation of Period Wear for Sports, that was safe, reusable and both environmentally and economically sustainable.

Iceni co-founder Vanessa Smith said: “We’re ecstatic to continue this partnership with London Pulse, as a former England netball player myself I know first-hand how periods can distract you from being on top of your game. It’s not something female athletes should have to be concerned about at any level.”

Francesca Hansen, also a founder of Iceni, added: “Women and girls should be able to play with confidence whether they’re an amateur or professional athlete and partnering with London Pulse gives us a great opportunity to help reach out to sportswomen of all abilities and age groups.”

“We believe that Iceni is the pinnacle of period-wear for athletes and this partnership with London Pulse now being over two years deep, I think that speaks volumes about the quality of our product.”

Iceni products have antimicrobial SILVADUR™ material which is unique to Iceni knickers. SILVADUR™ antimicrobial technology is a polymer-containing silver-technology that delivers silver ions when organisms land or form on a treated fabric. These ions continually release to safely minimise microbes that cause odour and material degradation.

To find out more and view Iceni’s full product range click here.

For more advice about managing periods and fitness, check out the Iceni Blog or follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

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