News removes RRPs in advance of regulatory changes has removed all manufacturers’ recommended retail prices before regulatory changes come into effect next month.

The move comes in advance of March 1 when the remit of the Advertising Standards Authority extends to include practises such as displaying supplier determined RRPs.

“We’re delighted that the ASA will now be regulating websites as of next month,” says Maz Darvish (pictured), CEO of the multisport retailer.

“The changes this will bring are long overdue for our industry.

“ has always strived to deliver the best products and services at a fair price, and these changes will help to create a level and fairer playing field for all retailers.

“Most importantly, consumers will no longer be misled by marketing hyperbole.”

Darvish adds: “My advice to a consumer now would be to assess value for money on three simple things: the price you pay for the goods, what charges are made for safe and sane delivery and what after-sales service is provided.

“We are confident we will come out on top in all three areas. Our prices are competitive, and our delivery is free and the best quality.

“For bigger goods we always ensure two-person delivery services, and our customer service staff are fully trained to assist long after an initial purchase.”

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