Tough Mudder launch 2024 calendar with unified distances and a new European event

Get ready for Tough Mudder’s 14th season in 2024, featuring exciting fresh changes! To recapture their original vision, the brand is focusing on universally challenging, muddy experiences that push participants beyond their comfort zones. The key transformation comes in the form of unified distances, retiring the traditional 5K, 10K, and 15K formats for a thrilling unified format of 10+ miles. Participants are urged to redefine their limits and celebrate conquering tougher, electrifying obstacles. It’s a season of triumph and pushing boundaries like never before!

In addition to this, participants are invited to embark on an exhilarating overseas journey as the brand ventures further into Europe, with iconic cities like Paris, Berlin, and Eifel, igniting a thrill. Get ready to take on mind-blowing obstacles, witness the electrifying Mudder spirit, and unleash fresh tactics to conquer these new yet monstrous courses.

Each participant, young and old, will have their shot at glory, with classic and mini mudder courses designed to spark the adventurous spirit in everyone. Prepare for heart-pounding excitement in these challenges of a lifetime.

Upcoming Events:

PARIS: 30 MAR 2024 / Camp De Beynes
SOUTH EAST: 06 & 07 APR 2024 / Pippingford Park
LONDON WEST: 18 & 19 MAY 2024 / Culden Faw
SCOTLAND: 15 JUN 2024 / Drumlanrig Castle
MIDLANDS: 06 & 07 JUL 2024 / Belvoir Castle
BERLIN-BRANDENBURG: 13 JUL 2024 / Spargelhof-Klaistow
MANCHESTER: 13 & 14 JUL 2024 / Heaton Park
YORKSHIRE: 27 & 28 JUL 2024 / Broughton Hall
EUROPE’S TOUGHEST MUDDER: 27 JULY 2024 / Broughton Hall
SOUTH WEST: 10 AUG 2024 / Badminton Estate
BIRMINGHAM: 7 & 8 SEP 2024 / Ragley Hall
NRW-EIFEL: 14 SEP 2024 / Schloß Wachendorf
LONDON SOUTH: 21 & 22 SEP 2024 / Holmbush Estate
NORTH WEST: 19 & 20 OCT 2024 / Cholmondeley Castle

Matt Brook, Senior Vice President Tough Mudder, said: “We’re super excited to gear up for the 2024 season. We’re taking Tough Mudder to new heights, visiting incredible European destinations and introducing even bigger and better obstacles that will redefine every Mudder’s limit. With both classic and mini Mudder courses, we’re welcoming all ages to experience the unforgettable thrill of the challenge. Get ready to embrace the adventure, camaraderie, and triumph that awaits in this extraordinary season.”

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