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Myagi and Lowe Alpine Partnership Continues

This year Lowe Alpine are celebrating their 50th Anniversary!

Greg, Jeff & Mike Lowe were all instrumental in building the Lowe Alpine brand. They worked together to design some of the most important outdoor climbing gear ever made. Not just inventors, the brothers were also a nucleus for the evolution of climbing. They used their innovations in the workshop to help them establish some of the hardest rock, ice, mixed and alpine routes in the world.

Their products have stood the test of time for over 5 decades and their durable backpacks are now considered the blueprint from which all modern, technical backpacks are derived. Lowe Alpine have chosen Myagi as their tool for training sales associates. The features, benefits and brand heritage of this rich story are easily distributed to thousands of sales associates across hundreds of outlets daily through Myagi’s network, meaning sales staff in retailers across the UK are ‘sales-ready’ when it comes to Lowe Alpine products.

Follow this link to understand more about the moments that have shaped Lowe Alpine’s history. Discover the stories that have made Lowe Alpine, the products that define them and the people that inspire their brand story.

Using bite sized lessons, Myagi empowers retail sales associates to become masters of customer experience. Working with brands and retailers we ensure that these same associates have brand, product and skills based training right in their pocket through our App.

Myagi is The Online Training Platform consisting of Specialist Brands and Retailers working together to improve sales and customer experience in Sports, Outdoor and Cycle retail. Joining and using Myagi to train your sales associates is *Free of Charge*. So that you see the best training possible and maintain confidentiality you will be asked to create a personal account when you sign up. We won’t sell or use your information for external marketing to anyone ever. Join Myagi today and see how access to great training from hundreds of brands can transform your business.

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