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Easy to adjust. Adjustable strap on both sides of the knee ensure perfect fit and compression.

Soft neoprene blend provides firm, even support and promotes improved healing.

Moisture wicking fabric is designed to prevent overheating and the build-up of sweat, even when worn all day and pushed to the limit!

One size fits most – measures 10-22 inches (25-55cm)

This pack contains 1 support.

Recommended for: patella tendonitis, Osgood’s-Schlatters disease and irritated kneecap (chrondromalacia).

BILATERAL – Fits left and right

This product is classified as Support Level 3: Pro

We separate the range of supports into 4 levels to give a guideline on the level of support you can expect from the product:

Level 1: Basic

Level 2: Moderate

Level 3: Pro

Level 4: Maximum

Wear instructions: Wrap support around leg just below patella (kneecap). Adjust tension to requirements and secure with Velcro.

Contains natural rubber latex: may cause allergic reaction in some users. If skin reaction occurs or pain persists, discontinue use and seek medical advice.

Advanced Patella Strap – UP5724

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