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Dynamic Tape – The World Leading Biomechanical Taping

Dynamic Tape – The World Leading Biomechanical Taping

Dynamic Tape is a unique, highly elastic tape designed by Australian Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist Ryan Kendrick. Renowned for its innovative, biomechanical properties, it acts like a bungy cord to decelerate motion and absorb load, or to modify movement patterns. Dynamic Tape is used by the world’s leading physiotherapists and medical professionals, to help treat and reduce injury.

Dynamic Tape is widely used by athletes and sports professionals of all levels, including former Everton and New York Red Bulls superstar Tim Cahill, who was so pleased with the benefits that he has become a shareholder in the company. ““I’ve been wearing Dynamic Tape since before the 2014 World Cup. I’ve tried other tapes but none of them gave me the same ‘spring’. It helps shorten my recovery time, which is vital for me. I am sure that its ability to absorb some load from my body has helped extend my career.

Dynamic Tape helps promote optimal performance and is highly effective for both musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. The ability to stretch in all directions whilst also providing very strong recoil properties is a unique ability which is amplified by fusing laminated tape together.

By providing strong mechanical assistance to reduce the work on injured tissues, assist weak muscles and improve movement patterns, Dynamic Tape enables a full range of motion when performing the complex, multi-planar movements regularly required in sport and work environments.

This is markedly different to the primary neurophysiological approach offered by kinesiology whereby tapes are used to lift the skin and create space to take pressure off pain sensitive structures, increase circulation and effect muscle activity via the input into the nervous system through the skin.

Extremely versatile, Dynamic Tape can be used to assist a wide range of injuries and conditions, from hamstring injuries to correcting a biomechanically poor golf swing. Originally developed for Sports Physiotherapy, Dynamic Tape is rapidly becoming an essential tool for therapists in all disciplines, proving extremely popular with neurologic, paediatric and hand therapists.

Distinctive and eye-catching, the unqiue pattern of Dynamic Tape is designed by Tahitian and Norfolk Island artist, tattooist and sculptor Tihoti, as a way of raising awareness of Norfolk island. Commissioned by Kendrick, who lived on the island, the artwork symbolises family, nature and community.

Dynamic Tape has been seen being worn by elite athletes including:
England and Saracens star Owen Farrell
Football stars Dele Alli, Andros Townsend, Karim Benzema and Tim Cahill
Tennis aces Ana Radawanska and Nick Kyrgios
Tour de France winner Vicenzo Nibali

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