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Hello Hot Shot Men’s underwear specialist SAXX launches DropTemp™ cooling fabric

Hello Hot Shot Men’s underwear specialist SAXX launches DropTemp™ cooling fabric

SAXX briefs are rightly seen as the saviour of men’s tackle, ensuring chafe-free support for tens of thousands of grateful chaps, thanks to the patented Ballpark Pouch™ technology.

When are we most likely to feel discomfort down below? When conditions are hot and sweaty. Now SAXX is targeting warm-weather comfort with its new DropTemp™ cooling fabric, launching in Spring 2021.

DropTemp™ is a proprietary fabric construction using patented Coolcore technology to provide class-leading moisture transport, evaporative cooling and drying times. Performance is permanent, not a chemical treatment; the fibre, yarn, and unique jersey/mesh stripe mix maximise airflow, breathability, and evaporation.

Essentially, DropTemp™ amplifies your body’s natural cooling capacity as the fibres pull moisture
from the skin surface and move it through to the garment exterior where it evaporates. What’s unique, and exclusive to SAXX, is that the fibre cross-section and structure provides a higher surface area and therefore more efficient moisture transport.

SAXX took DropTemp™ to the lab. In the WATson lab testing developed by Hohenstein Laboratories to measure evaporative cooling performance, DropTemp™ was the best performer against four other top-selling base layer brands.

Further testing by Intertek, and end-user trials, have confirmed quality, durability and genuinely noticeable comfort levels.

DropTemp™ launch garments for Spring/Summer 2021 are the Hot Shot Boxer Brief and Hot Shot Tech Tee. Both feature strategically placed mesh panels for increased airflow in ‘heat zones’, plus chafe-free Flat Out Seams™ for friction-free comfort. Fabric is a lightweight 140g/m2 with 85% recycled polyester and 15% Spandex, giving an odour-resistant 4-way comfort stretch. SRPs: Brief £30.00, Tee £40.00.


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