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Koolpak – Kool Sprays

Kool Sprays
• Instant cooling relief once sprayed on the skin
• Relieves muscle pain and stiffness in cramp, sprains, strains, bruises
and lower back pain
• A convenient alternative to an ice pack
• The active ingredients cool the skin, which brings about rapid pain
• Can be used during or immediately after exercise
• Ideal cooling relief for stings and insect bites
• Available in 2 sizes
Effective for use on stings or insect bites because of its cooling relief. Cooling therapy for muscles and joints is
well established and recommended by health professionals and sports physiotherapists.
The cold bandages work by drawing the heat from the injured area through evaporation which helps reduce pain and
swelling. The bandage is lightweight, easy to apply and doesn’t restrict movement around the injured area. With no need
for refrigeration, it is ideal for sprains and strains through sports, or for accidents at work or at home.
Kool Sprays
The Kool Spray is a refreshing spray which aids in soothing muscular discomfort and joint
aches by cooling the skin. Ideal to be used after sport or exercise.

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