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mymo announces partnership with JoggingBuddy

mymo announces partnership with JoggingBuddy
Newcastle, UK, Mar 10, 2021 – Wearable tech company mymo, maker of gait-assessment technology has announced that it is now an official partner to Jogging Buddy, the free web platform that helps walkers, joggers, and
runners buddy-up to exercise and make new friends. The partnership will aim to complement each brand’s marketing strategy by creating demand-generation activities, as well as sharing market insights and research.

Craig Downs’, mymo founder said: “We are delighted to partner with Jogging Buddy which shares similar values to mymo with the aim of helping people to get fit and active. This is a great opportunity for both organisations to
collaborate and improve experiences for our customers.”

ABOUT mymo
mymo replaces traditional in-store gait assessments with the latest in digital technology. Use mymo at home, in the gym, at the park or on the track to measure your running gait. mymo provides you with quick and instant access to
real-time gait data and uses AI technology to match your running style to the latest shoes. Customers can buy with confidence and use their mymo sensor as many times as they wish.

In addition to the gait assessment, users can subscribe to mymo plus which provides them with value-added running and training content such as physio-led strength & core sessions, weekly Pilates classes, as well as access to injury prevention videos to help users get fitter and stronger for longer. Built inside the mymo app, mymo plus also allows access to a sports therapist and personal coach who can provide personalised training plans to help runners achieve their desired goals and PB’s. mymo is available to purchase at

Follow mymo on social media: @mymorunning

JoggingBuddy is a web platform that helps people buddy-up to walk, jog and run together. Launched in 2009, the platform now has members in 123 countries. The platform was founded by Tony Piedade when he was frustrated
with his own health and fitness and wanted to create a tool to help others like him.

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