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Taipei Cycle Show: A major success with well-earned awards

Taipei Cycle Show: A major success with well-earned awards

During the 2016 Taipei Cycle Show 2pure were delighted to be presented with the European Distributor Awards for Eddy Merckx Cycles by the CEO, Rob Beset.
The spotlight was not just on 2pure, as part of the season preview, we were shown the 2017 Collection. Presented by Rolf Singenberger, which generated nothing but positive feedback.

‘Being part of the success of Eddy Merckx is exciting – our teams work well together and we all share the common desire to deliver bikes to market that can carry the famous name of Eddy. We are honoured we can be part of this amazing period in the brands development and we look forward to a great year in MY17. We are inspired by what they are doing!’. commented Mark Downie, Senior Brand Manager at 2pure.

Georgie Bowie, MD at 2pure said ‘The new team at Eddy Merckx Cycles are showing their commitment to ensuring the brand is positioned in it’s rightful place in the global market. It’s great to be part of the journey and we appreciate the partnership’.

If you would like to speak to 2pure about Eddy Merkcx Cycles, please contact or call us on 0844 811 2001

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