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Woodworm launches new bats for 2011 season

Woodworm has launched three new bats for 2011 – spearheaded by the Hard Drive Black Label.

The company has unveiled a trio of bats to suit all players, from club players on a tight budget to those seeking the best run-maker money can buy.

At the helm is the new Woodworm Hard Drive Black Label, a bat with phenomenal hitting power that is set to terrorise bowlers all over the country.

Crafted from Super Grade 1 English willow – the best there is – and with huge edges and a mammoth middle, the HD Black Label is packed with power and balance.

Additional finishing touches include a perforated Octopus style grip for ventilation and easy non-slip grip, while the light pick-up makes it incredibly comfortable to play with.

The Woodworm Hard Drive Black Label is available in six weights (2.7lbs to 2.12lbs) with a short handle and is priced £199.99 directly from

Players on a more limited budget, but requiring all the exceptional qualities of Woodworm bats, will appreciate the new Hard Drive Premier.

Offering many of the superb playing characteristics and styling of the flagship Black Label bat, the HD Premier is made from a harder Grade 3 English willow, which makes it even more suitable for big hitters.

Six weights (2.7lbs to 2.12lbs) are also available in the Hard Drive Premier, which offers players fantastic performance for £119.99.

Woodworm’s entry-level bat – the Hard Drive Performance – is designed to give club players access to Woodworm’s quality bat engineering at a value price point.

Manufactured from Grade 1 Kashmir willow, a cheaper alternative to English willow that still offers superb performance and playability, the Hard Drive Performance is available for £39.99.

All bats in the Hard Drive range feature Woodworm’s eye-catching new black graphics on the front and back.

England paceman Chris Tremlett wielded a Woodworm bat in the successful Ashes series this winter.

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