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Dubai 24 Hours: Porsche as a King of Endurance and Economy

“Dubai 24 Hours” is an annual 24-hour endurance race held since 2006 in the emirate of Dubai, UAE, on the circuit of the same name. A race similar to the one held annually at Le Mans (“24 Hours of Le Mans”).

What do these two races share? Aside from the fact that they both run twenty-four hours, Porsche vehicles have the most victories in both events: 6 in the “Dubai 24 Hours” and 19 in the “24 Hours of Le Mans”.

Obviously, such outstanding results say something. At least, it certainly says that Porsche engineers have managed to achieve simply amazing endurance of their cars.

Be a part of the event

In 2024, the legendary “Dubai 24 Hours” race will take place from January 13 to 15. And there is a high probability that Porsche’s list of victories will be extended again. If you love exciting endurance racing, you can visit Dubai and be a part of the legendary event. You might be lucky enough to witness another Porsche victory!

Dubai 24 Hours: Porsche as a King of Endurance and Economy

Apart from the race, numerous other events are taking place in Dubai. For example, in 2022 Dubai hosted the “Icons of Porsche” car show where you could rent your favourite car. The 17,000 square meter facility had the region’s largest exhibition of historic Porsche automobiles, as well as art installations by renowned artists, prominent food and beverage sellers, and thrilling events. With almost 200 historic Porsche sports cars on display, the event was one of the most stunning car displays ever.

Touch the history

How to maximize your experience and touch history? Well, for example, you can not only watch a legendary race with Porsche cars but also rent a Porsche cheaply in Dubai with the help of Porsche car rental Dubai! It’s very simple: type Renty in the search, go to the website of the best car rental in Dubai, and choose from a huge range of models of the car you want to ride in.

One of the main features of Dubai is of course a desert area. So that’s a great opportunity to rent a buggy desert Dubai. Find your best Buggy Tour in Dubai, where you get an opportunity to rent a desert buggy accompanied by an experienced car rental service in Dubai.

Dubai 24 Hours: Porsche as a King of Endurance and Economy

What else to do besides the event

Apart from the main purpose of your visit to the UAE and riding in unusual cars, you will of course want to have some other fun. Your sightseeing list is likely to vary considerably depending on whether you are going to the event alone or with your family. Regardless, there are many intriguing sites to see in Dubai.
Here’s a list of the most famous of them:

● Burj Khalifa
● Grand Mosque
● Arabian Desert Safari
● The Dubai Museum
● Historical District of Al Fahidi
● Dubai Shopping Mall
● Marina in Dubai
● Water Parks at Atlantis

Dubai 24 Hours: Porsche as a King of Endurance and Economy

Each of these places has its unique history and is a point of attraction for people from all over the world. Visiting such locations of attraction usually results in unique emotions that will stay with you forever, so if you do decide to rent a sports car and visit the Dubai 24 Hours race, you should take into consideration visiting the places from the list above. In this case, your trip will be memorable for years to come.


The “Dubai 24 Hours” is an incredible race. It is strongly advised that you rent a Porsche in Dubai and attend this event at least once because it is extremely well-organized and is accompanied by plenty of related activities that will keep you entertained.

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