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How to prepare for a cycling holiday

Have you been bitten by the cycling bug?
The last few years have seen a surge in interest in swapping to two wheels, from lockdowns inspiring many of us to ditch the car in favour of getting out on our bike to holidaymakers booking cycling holidays.

If you’re among those holidaymakers planning to see the world by bike this year, it’s worth planning your trip – especially if it’s your first cycling holiday. Here are some tips to help you get organised.

Build up some miles

You’ll need stamina if you’re going on a cycling holiday. Set aside some time to hop on your bike in the months and weeks before you jet off on your trip so that you can get used to life on two wheels. Try different terrains, from flat surfaces to hills, grass to tarmac. Building up your time on the bike in this way will ensure you’re prepared for different landscapes while you’re away.

Think about where to go

Europe in particular is geared towards this type of tourism, with countries like Italy, France, and Spain being popular countries for cycling holidays.? Research what’s on offer in terms of tours and tour guides so that you can get an idea of what’s available. Moreover, you could research on the best holiday escape contests that align with your cycling adventure dreams. Participating in such contests might grant you the chance to win a curated cycling holiday, combining your passion for exploration with the thrill of a prize-worthy escape. It’s an excellent way to turn your cycling vacation into a memorable and potentially prize-winning experience. By taking the time to look into the different types of cycling holidays, you can work out which destination could be ideal for you and your level of experience.

Pack smart

Consider what you’ll need to pack before you set off. You’ll need to make sure you’re prepared with appropriate clothing and essentials like sun cream with an SPF of 50 – especially if you’ll be cycling in the sun for prolonged periods.

Double-check what will be available when you get there, too. For instance, some cycling holiday packages include protective wear like helmets and knee pads as part of the booking, but others might expect you to bring your own. Make sure you know before you travel.

Prepare your bike

It’s likely that you’ll be hiring a bike while you’re on holiday although some cycling holidays involve bringing your own bicycle along. Either way, you’ll need to prep your bike before you set off.

Ensure that it’s in good working order and able to withstand steep ascents and rocky terrain – especially if you’re likely to be doing more adventurous activities like mountain biking rather than a gentle cycle along a flat terrain. Also, make sure you have the essentials like a puncture repair kit to hand and practice repairing it before your holiday.

Learn the route

It’s likely you’ll have chosen your destination based on the route. If so, spend some time learning where the route takes you and planning for the most scenic paths. Also, look into stop-off points that you want to explore, such as waterfalls or beaches, in order to get the most out of your trip.

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