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Lightning-Fast Antistress: ways to get rid of stress and maintain your health in 5 minutes

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So there is no need to talk about any healthy lifestyle if a person has not learned how to effectively cope with his stress. Let’s find out effective and at the same time quick ways to relieve stress to regain a normal psycho-emotional state.

There is such an expression: “eating stress.” Yes, indeed, some people react to stress by eating uncontrollably.

Increased appetite causes a person to eat large amounts of food to increase blood flow to the stomach and thus shift the brain’s attention towards digestion from thinking about problems, which provokes anxiety, tension, and stress. When the body struggles with stress only at the expense of food, an eating disorder is formed, which is accompanied by weight gain and a significant deterioration in the quality of human life. To avoid such a bias, in addition to food consumption, a person needs to learn how to use different ways to deal with stressful conditions. Then the number of bouts of stressful gluttony will decrease significantly, and eating behavior will return to normal.

Well, if you get stressed, then you need to do it only with the help of healthy food.
Instead of chips, a handful of nuts and vegetables are recommended, for example, sweet carrots, bell peppers, and cucumbers, i.e. those vegetables that are crunchy. So the body will get vitamins, fiber, and omega fatty acids instead of empty calories, as well as a feeling of satiety. After all, fiber is digested much slower than fast food, which dissolves in the stomach after a few minutes.

In order not to eat chocolate, and although it is recommended for stress relief, there is a risk of not noticing how a whole tile of it will disappear, and there is no need to talk about the benefits of such a volume of chocolate, it is better to eat honey.

You can’t eat a lot of honey, besides, it is a natural antiseptic, it is full of trace elements, and belongs to the products of centenarians. Among the anti-stress products, you can also note fatty fish. It contains omega fatty acids, which are very beneficial for the nervous system. Bananas and dates are also among the ideal snacks for stress because they have the properties of antidepressants.


A cup of good green tea is recommended among the drinks. It contains L-theanine, which is a natural antidepressant that helps to stop anger, aggression, and overexcitation.

Karkade tea with hibiscus is also useful for stress. Stress provokes an increase in the number of radicals, and a hibiscus-based drink helps to dilute the concentration of radicals and thus relieve stress.

Tea with St. John’s wort is also recommended for stress. This herb effectively fights depression and improves mood.


Massage has an incredible effect under stress. But it is not necessary to go to the massage therapist’s office, you can use simple massage techniques here and now.

Massage with a ball: Take an ordinary tennis ball with you to work. Rolling it on the chest, along the neck on the sides, in front and behind, and along the trapezius muscle from behind, you can stretch tense trigger points. Pressing the ball when rolling should be done carefully, with moderate force.

Having found a painful area, you should linger on it longer, but no more than 15 seconds. The pain point shows the place of the greatest accumulation of tension in the muscle, so it must be crushed with a ball so that it relaxes.


We hope that this article was useful to you and you will be able to get rid of stress quickly. Take care of your health and be happy!

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