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New Data Reveals the Most Watched Premier League Teams

Is your team on the list?

Research on search trends and sports streaming in the UK has shown that sports-mad Brits are streaming sports more than ever before. They are also searching for five Premier League teams, more than any others.

No doubt these teams won’t be a big surprise, but Man City, Man United, Liverpool, Chelsea, and the Tottenham Hot Spurs hold the top spots when users search for football streaming. So what drives these teams’ popularity?

Manchester City

Manchester City and United are famous, and it’s not just local Mancunians backing these Premier favourites. For its part, City has always been a strong team with an equally strong national presence.

YouGov data from 2021, for instance, shows that nearly half of those surveyed pipped Man City for the 2020-21 win, which they did take with three matches to spare. Other YouGov stats show that City is also popular across the gender, generational, and political divides.

Manchester United

Some would argue that United has reached cult status. A big club with equally big pockets, Man United, can afford cracking players, but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. It has been nine years since United claimed the 2012-13 title under Ferguson, something ardent fans puzzle over and detractors revels in.

History and tradition have long powered Premier League popularity, and there’s little doubt that United has a particular reputation. Star players from the past, including Beckham, gained worldwide acclaim and won United life-long fans here and overseas. The club has also been operating for more than 140 years.


With 19 League titles, Liverpool has always been a Premier favourite. Everyone loves an underdog, and although Liverpool F.C. certainly isn’t short a few bobs (according to Statista, it’s worth 1.48 billion), the club’s reputation as a “working-class” team doesn’t hurt its popularity.

Liverpool’s fans are also very passionate, loud, and proud. Who wouldn’t want to join them at Anfield?

Chelsea and the Spurs

An honourable mention here to Chelsea and the Spurs, both teams with an ardent following. Chelsea’s eight FA cup wins, six Premier League titles, and two Champions League wins are just one reason fans support the team. Global recognition is another.

Tottenham has its share of wins too, plus a long-running rivalry with Arsenal that sees fans on either side of the divided flock to the Hotspur Stadium in North London.

The 2022-23 Premier League season kicked off on August 6. With 380 fixtures, there are plenty of institutions to keep football streaming fans happy until the season wraps up on May 28, 2023, even if we have to contend with a mid-season break.

Need a break from the Premier frenzy? Search term frequency data shows high demand for rugby and golf streaming over the past five years. Formula 1, cricket, and tennis are less popular but still on many people’s to-watch lists.

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