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Seven gym etiquette rules you should follow

Fitness experts from Goal Getters by have revealed the top seven unwritten rules that people should follow when working out in public.

Gym etiquette helps to create an enjoyable environment for everyone in the gym and can even prevent injuries from happening.

Respecting other people’s space, using common courtesy and being mindful of your surroundings can go a long way in creating an inviting atmosphere.

This can be particularly important in crowded gyms, where the behaviours of other gym members have a direct effect on your workout experience.

Gym bunnies are being urged to clean up after themselves, be respectful when taking turns on machines and to be aware of their noise levels.

Ashleigh Tosh, from Goal Getters by, said: “Whether you’re an experienced gym-goer or a newbie, following gym etiquette is essential for maintaining an enjoyable and safe workout environment.

“This includes being respectful of others by cleaning up after yourself and refraining from excessive noise or disruptive behaviour.

“No one wants to sit on a sweaty machine, return someone else’s weights or exercise next to someone who’s grunting when lifting weights or having a loud phone conversation in the middle of the gym.

“Following these rules and having respect for those around you will make everyone’s gym experience more pleasant and safe.”

Here are the top seven gym etiquette rules from Goal Getters by

1. Clean up after yourself

Maintaining a clean environment is one of the most important elements of gym etiquette. This includes wiping down any equipment that you have used and disposing of your own trash properly. Not only is cleaning gym equipment essential to avoid spreading germs, but it also avoids injuries and ensures that the equipment will stay in good condition.

2. Be respectful on the machines

Avoid hogging the machines as it’s inconsiderate of the other gym members and creates long queues. Respect each other’s time and take turns so everyone has a chance to get their workout in.

3. Give people personal space

Having personal space gives you the opportunity to concentrate on your workout without feeling crowded or distracted. Not only is it uncomfortable to exercise when you’re too close to someone, it can also be dangerous because if you get in each other’s way it can lead to accidents. Additionally, maintaining personal space is good for hygiene.

4. Keep noise to a minimum

Be mindful of your noise levels in the gym as it could disturb other people. Make sure to wear headphones if you wish to listen to music, refrain from having loud phone calls and avoid excessive grunting while lifting heavy weights.

5. Put everything back where it belongs

When using machines or free weights, it’s important to re-rack any plates or bars so that they are returned to their proper place and not left lying around on the floor. Leaving equipment and weights where they are not meant to be makes them harder for others to find and increases the risk of someone tripping on them.

6. Be mindful of your surroundings

It’s important to stay alert and mindful of others, especially when gyms are crowded. Make sure there is no one nearby or behind you before you begin any exercise so that you don’t hurt anyone. Also, some machines may have their plate-loaded arms swinging out into a walking path so it’s important to look where you’re going.

7. Always ask and be polite

Instead of awkwardly hovering next to a machine when it’s occupied, you can always ask the person who’s using it how many sets they’ve got left. If they say they’ve got a few more left to do then you can use that time to do some warmup exercises for example. Never take someone’s equipment or weights unless they’ve finished using them.

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