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Mercian BRAND new range!

Mercian’ BRAND new range!
We have recently finished working with Chapter Agency to develop a new brand identity and attitude. Whilst we still wholly believe in the basic quality of our products and that hockey players should choose the stick that is technically suited to them, online purchasing and other brands more aggressive marketing strategies mean that we needed to create a new look and feel that engaged the consumer more, created a belief and confidence in the brand and then worked with social media experts to publicise that into the market. We have done all of that and are delighted with the actual results and the response from the market.

Genesis 0.2 Shinguards.
The re-named ‘club’ shinguards have been launched with new branding and increased size range, still using ABS plastic. ABS plastic – Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is a thermoplastic resin commonly used for injection molding applications, the advantage of ABS is that this material combines the strength and rigidity of the acrylonitrile and styrene polymers with the toughness of the polybutadiene rubber, the most amazing mechanical properties of ABS are resistance and toughness. By using this material in our shinguards we have created a lightweight, shatter-resistant, flexible shinguard that has great protective properties but at an incredible price – £12.50 RRP. With new moulds, this pad is available in 2 colour options from XXS – Large

Evolution 0.9.
One of the most asked questions both in store and via any kind of online webchat (wrt Hockey Sticks), is ‘how much carbon’? Whilst we believe that different types of players are better suited to different percentages of carbon, you have to work with market trends and therefore we have invested in the raw materials we use. Quite simply we have introduced sticks that have a market leading percentage of imported (not local market) carbon fibre. Models that start with an amazing 75% Carbon at just £100RRP. The marketing identity creates the image, our technical specifications then satisfy the performance needs of every player.

Evolution 0.3 – Lily Owsley Model.
Lily Owsley was FIH Rising Star 2015 – voted the best young player in the world for the last international playing season. She has been a Mercian ambassador for a number of years and chooses to use the new Evolution 0.3 model in her own L.O #26 bend. With a shorter toe than the Ultimate bend, 5% more head-weighting and a 1.5mm thicker shaft the shape enhances her natural skills and allows her to perform as an international forward. (95% Carbon gives the raw power)

Hingly Socks
Mercian offer Hingly socks into our retail network in the UK and Ireland, they are an exceptional quality sports sock with a pre-shrunk upper that holds it’s shape to comfortably cover sports shinguards (not just hockey). There are over 150 styles available in The Netherlands warehouse, with over 25 of the most popular styles held in Woking for immediate delivery. Now being seen in both sports specialists and general retail outlets (even airports are stocking the ‘country’ styles) across Europe, the technical elements such as the sweat wicking PolyColon foot combine brilliantly with amusing and innovative designs.

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