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Precision Goalkeeping Camps across the UK & Ireland

The team at Reydon continue to work with some fantastic sporting ambassadors across to globe to elevate our number one (own) brand Precision.

Known for our heightened achievements within the Goalkeeping space, Precision have recently locked in Goalkeeping Camp projects with x2 hero ambassadors.

UK (Football) – With history previously playing for Ipswich Town FC, Watford Football Club and Hartlepool United Football Club, Scott Loach the Derby County Football Club GK is our newest partner who puts on weekly Goalkeeping camps across the Nottinghamshire area. He continues to support the local community with Goalkeeping camps and many more planned over the course of this summer where we’ll be continuing to supply high quality multi sport equipment & goalkeeping essentials.

Ireland (GAA) – With many goalkeeping events executed across Ireland in the last 18 months, we have secured a long term partnership with Liam Swift, an experienced GAA coach who travels up & down the country to deliver goalkeeping camps for younger ages right up to late teens. Liam also incorporates many of our professional county ambassadors on the way with him, bringin even more experience to the events. A huge advocate for community, Liam continues to be supported by Precision with multi sport equipment & goalkeeping essentials.

Precision Goalkeeping Camps across the UK & Ireland

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Who is currently stocking Precision and how is the brand achieving penetration within the world of retail? Our primary markets are the UK & Ireland with the brand also being revealed globally through both social media exposure & retail placement. Entirely a B2B operation, Reydon trusts our pool of retail partners to make the waves ‘for us’ to the end consumer. Pro Direct, Life Style Sports, Just Keepers, Pro Kit along with a huge array of independent retailers all stock the brand.

What is next for Precision? Commercial partnerships with Irish Football Association, various Pro Football Clubs along with the McDonalds Fun Football Scheme continue to flourish year in year out and the brand will be continuing to work with further organisations for 2023. Alongside partnerships, we have a full array of sporting ambassadors representing the brand on & off the pitch wearing our leading goalkeeping glove range throughout the year.

Precision Goalkeeping Camps across the UK & Ireland

Our social media channels across the UK & Ireland are growing rapidly and allows retailers to share their own Precision marketing campaigns that we can then repost and send followers (end consumers) in the right direction for purchase.

The mission at Reydon Sports continues to be to supply the world of independent retail and provide products, brands, pricing & digital content support day in day out. Without Retail growth there is no B2B wholesale. Precision is just one of the many brands under the Reydon umbrella that we continue to grow month by month. Start your journey with Precision & Reydon Sports today…

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