ACA Sports cashes in on NFL and NBA

The rising popularity of the NFL and NBA in the UK has resulted in a surge in replica shirt sales for online retailer ACA Sports – particularly those with the stars of the game named and numbered on the back.

During November and December, the Kirkcaldy-based retailer recorded record orders.

Says Alistair Cameron, the company’s managing director: “We have a proud tradition in American sports ever since our official link with the Scottish Claymores back in the 1990s.

“Since then, we have always stocked American sports clothing, but there has been a significant shift change in the UK fan base in the past year.

“The exposure on Sky Sports and the annual game at Wembley has opened up the game to the masses here in the UK and we are certainly seeing the benefit.

“UK-based fans are now far more educated on who the best teams are and who are the big stars, and I have no doubt that the rise in social media has played a huge part in this.”

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