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Aqua Sphere launches triathlon wetsuit for 10-14-year-olds

Recognising the increasing number of pre-teens and teens taking up triathlon, Aqua Sphere is launching the RAGE wetsuit for young athletes between the ages of 10-14.

The super-stretch RAGE is manufactured from high quality neoprene and incorporates many of the features associated with Aqua Sphere’s Ironman range of triathlon wetsuits, including strategically placed Aqua Drive panels around the body core, which maximise buoyancy and reduce drag; an Aqua Flex collar to ensure a watertight seal with minimal neck chaffing; a deep back-pull zipper for easy on/off; plus a protective carrying case that cleverly doubles as a transition mat.

Perfectly sized for the active youth and incorporating silver and green graphics, the RAGE has an SRP of £129.99.

It is the latest addition to Aqua Sphere’s Ironman range of triathlon wetsuits, which includes a suit for every triathlete, whatever their needs or goals.

The new ground-breaking Phantom (SRP £539.99), for elite and competitive athletes, is the result of in-depth research into stroke mechanics, human kinetics, hydrodynamics and general functionality, and represents the latest advances in suit design and technology.

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