Animal delivers total body love with reformulated PAK multivitamin

Animal, the cutting-edge sports supplement brand for strength-training athletes and fitness, celebrates Valentine’s Day with a reimagined formulation of PAK: the brand’s top-selling performance multivitamin pack. The sports-scientist-curated formula introduces new ingredients that elevate PAK’s ability to deliver more care and a more complete approach to total body nutrition.

“PAK’s reformulation is another step forward in our continued mission to create the highest-quality, best-performing foundational nutrition,” said Jad Khairallah, SVP Marketing of Universal Nutrition. “The complex formula was curated to address the strength athlete’s complete body with improved benefits gained through support from the latest in sports nutrition technology.”

The revamped formula introduces the newest in supplement technology that helps PAK deliver even more nutritional benefits. Spectra, an all-natural blend of 29 fruits, vegetables, and herbs helps increase blood flow to muscles while supporting cellular energy through improved oxygen. Spirulina, chlorella, and gingko biloba work to boost immunity while the combination of AstraGin® and BioPerine® help improve nutrient bioavailability.

PAK remains a nutrient-packed elite daily multivitamin pack that replaces the equivalent of 12 supplements, delivers over 85 nutrients to aid total body, and fuels overall mental and physical health. An added benefit of the reformulation was the ability to create hyper-concentrated pill forms that allow PAK to deliver industry-leading results with 25% less pills than the prior formulation.

Animal prides itself as innovators of the sports multivitamin category with over 40 years in the industry and has a user base that includes weightlifting hobbyists to award-winning athletes. PAK is available in 30 and 44 single-serve pack canisters and can be purchased directly from Animal or at retail and online partners. For more details visit

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