ASICS is growing their Frontrunner Community

ASICS is announcing that the annual application phase to join the ASICS FrontRunner team, the brand’s global running community, will be opening on February 20.

The community consists of more than 600 members across 30 countries and will see the addition of roughly 100 new team members in 2023.

From young to old, beginners to professionals, road to trail, the ASICS FrontRunner community is a truly diverse team of runners united by their passion for movement.

Founded in 2010, the community is dedicated to inspiring, connecting and supporting all people who want to achieve a sound mind in a sound body through running.

Jamie Gane joined the UK Team in 2017 and shares what being a member means to him: “Being part of the ASICS FrontRunner community not only opened my eyes to the different types of runners out there but gave me the opportunity to learn and grow as a person and on my running journey. I’ve been inspired, have inspired others and been part of this wonderful international family full of opportunities – it really is like being in a family.”

This year applicants will be asked to share a post-exercise image or video and how moving with ASICS makes them feel. Applications can be submitted until March 5, 2023, via the application form on

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