Battle Oats slashes sugar by up to 65 per cent in product reformulation

The popular Battle Oats range of high protein oat bars has been re-launched with an improved recipe that has significantly reduced the sugar content of all five flavours, some by up to 65 per cent.

The UK healthy snack brand will also be extending its range with the addition of a new cookies and cream flavour.

The new recipe will see the rapidly growing ‘free from’ range of oat bars drop to just 5.6g of sugar per 70g bar; as well as the fat per bar reducing by up to 30 per cent, giving a 15 per cent drop in calories to under 300kcals per bar.

The range now comprises six flavours of oat bars: white chocolate coconut; cranberry and blueberry infusion; double chocolate brownie; dark chocolate chip; cherry bakewell; and the new cookies and cream flavour.

Battle Oats also developed a new protein cookie product last year, believed to be the only protein cookie on the market which uses plant-based protein and is both gluten free and vegan. As part of the revised recipe re-launch, Battle Oats has also re-designed its packaging to reflect the benefits of the improved products, highlighting their low sugar content on front of pack.

The oat bars are sold through Holland and Barrett and many independent health stores and gyms throughout the UK as well as being available online at and through selected wholesalers and distributors.

“Over the last four years, demand for our products has really taken off as people have become more aware of the importance of healthy protein snacks. Having started as a post-exercise product, we are increasingly seeing active mainstream consumers turning to our high protein flapjacks because they are more nutritious,” explains Kevin Smith, co-founder of Hull-based Battle Oats.

“With pressure on food manufacturers and retailers to provide more low sugar options, we decided to invest in reviewing our oat bar recipe to see if we could reduce the sugar, fat and calorie content even further. Having worked with a team of top nutritionists, we have achieved this and, in fact, our flapjacks now contain less than a third of the sugar content of the leading oat nutrition bar, showing that even with so-called healthy snacks, it’s still vital that consumers read the nutritional information.

“We’re hoping to partner with more outlet to make these healthy snacks more widely available to the growing grab ‘n’ go market.”

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