BUFF® invites us to spend more time outdoors and be more present through LIVE MORE NOW

BUFF®, leader in headwear and neckwear accessories, today revealed LIVE MORE NOW, its first global digital brand campaign that conveys its philosophy and brand values, while promoting an outdoor lifestyle and inviting us to enjoy living in the now by appealing directly to the end consumer from an emotional point of view.

The initiative consists of a manifesto which acts as a true declaration of intent and an emblematic campaign piece that aims to turn LIVE MORE NOW into an authentic social movement. Through a video that is both emotional and inspirational, the brand perfectly reflects the lifestyle that represents it, based on living in the now through unique outdoor moments both in urban environments and in the mountains, connecting with our surroundings, with others and, of course, with ourselves.

LIVE MORE NOW is the universal sensation of achieving that feeling of freedom that comes from living in the present. Living in the now allows us to get out there and enjoy experiencing unique and unrepeatable outdoor moments.

The audio-visual campaign is based on 10 outdoor moments, in which a variety of people can be seen enjoying their time in different locations around the world, perfectly defining the creative concept: enjoy waking up to the sound of birds, camp under a blanket of stars, feel the embrace of the wind, experience real connections with nature, discover new unexpected places, disconnect from the grind with a spontaneous walk. In short, living and enjoying unique, special moments to the fullest that sum up this lifestyle, either alone or in company, both in nature and in urban environments.

With the aim of positioning BUFF® front-of-mind with consumers as a go-to brand for all those who love outdoor activities, the campaign will also be amplified thanks to the involvement of several athletes and brand ambassadors such as Jolanda Neff, Laurent de Martin, Andreu Simón, Ricard Calmet, Tina Weirather, Laurens Ten Dam, Núria Castan o Mónica Comas.

Alongside the campaign is the launch of a landing page to discover different locations for experiencing life in the outdoors, as well as various tactical social media activations to finish spreading the LIVE MORE NOW movement and to inspire people from all over the world.

BUFF® will also launch an exclusive limited edition premium collection which includes a Coolnet UV® Multifunctional Neckwear, a Trucker Cap, a 5 Panel Cap, a Sun Bucket Hat, T-shirts for man and woman, a Closca bottle, a Moleskine® notebook and a pen.

BUFF®’s launch of LIVE MORE NOW is a call to positivity, valuing those small moments life gives us now more than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic has given us the opportunity to appreciate our freedom and outdoor activities even more, as well as to enjoy what nature has to offer us in places closer by, without having to go far to experience incredible moments, as demonstrated perfectly by LIVE MORE NOW campaign.

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